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Connecting the health of humans and the environment, through respiratory performance

Athletic performance depends on the increased demand for oxygen in order to fuel muscles for endurance and bring mental focus and clarity to the brain.
Breathing in 20 times more oxygen than a person at rest, athletes are severely overexposed to the negative impacts of poor air quality caused by smoke, smog, and wildfire skies

Studies show a direct correlation between increased air pollution and decrease in mental and physical performance

Progressive aerobic exercise under polluted air conditions can cause a reduction in VO2max by 3.44% - 4.55%

Tissue Hypoxia – inadequate oxygen supplied at the tissue level – impacts mental clarity causing anxiety, confusion, and restlessness

Inhalation of air pollution can reduce muscle oxygenation by 55%; not providing sufficient energy for long term activities is marked by deterioration in physical performance

Giving athletes a competitive edge…

Athletes constantly think about their bodies, what they put into their, bodies, and how they care for their bodies, to give themselves a competitive advantage
So why is air pollution an afterthought?
O2 is working with 10 forward thinking sport-partners to collect and synthesize data on the impacts of air pollution on athletes and the performance gains made by wearing a respirator.

Teams we are working with:

Overview of O2 Pro

Working in collaboration with UFC - as official respirator partners - and elite MMA Athletes the O2 Pro Sports Mask is our introductory product designed to help reduce lost training days from sicknesses and keeps athletes safe in crowded training environments
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