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The New Normal At Work

Metal worker on factory floor in uniform wearing O2 Curve.

As businesses reopen their doors and employees return to work, it is crucial that we follow health guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.

As organizations embrace this “new normal” they should examine the promising practices articulated by government, health experts and the World Health Organization to guide their practices. We recognize that these are challenging times and that policies and procedures will change.

We encourage you as part of your return to work to assess risk and identify your needs especially when it comes to your Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for your employees.

We at O2 believe that every person has the right to breathe clean air, so we are poised to support you in your needs as you transition to a safe, healthy, and prevention-focused return to work.

The following are some ideas you should consider when acquiring appropriate PPE for employees in your organization:


  • When unable to maintain a safe distance of 6ft or 2m, face masks or respirators should be worn.
  • For a respirator to be effective it should fit securely and provide an adequate seal around the nose and mouth. Respirators that do not fit properly may cause the wearer to unknowingly spread and/or inhale harmful particulates or bacteria through the leaks.
  • The willingness to wear a respirator or mask is often determined by how comfortable and breathable it is, so choosing one with these things in mind is important.
  • Lead by example! Team leaders should encourage others by regularly adhering to the use of masks, face shields or respirators.
  • Depending on the area of business, gloves, face shields, shoe covers and gowns could be required.
  • If employees have any pre-existing immunodeficiencies or respiratory issues like COPD, there may be further considerations for needed PPE.
  • When deciding on PPE it’s also worth considering the environmental impact of the equipment. Biodegradable options are becoming more available and will have a much better impact on the planet and our air.

If you're looking to purchase a respirator for personal use, you can click here to shop now or continue reading.

Businesswoman wearing O2 Curve with red shell.

As employers, supplying the necessary PPE is a requirement and quality is worth a serious consideration. Employees can refuse to wear equipment if it puts his or her safety at risk due to improper fit, discomfort, or other health hazards. The quality and legitimacy of the PPE is crucial to its performance. Those responsible for purchasing PPEs for their organizations should do due diligence in obtaining these products for their employees and teams. To this end they ought to look to companies who possess a strong track record of performance and reliability; one that had a history of success long before the COVID pandemic.

PPE will be a necessary part of our "new normal" in the workplace. It is incumbent upon all of us to protect ourselves and encourage others to protect themselves by using superior quality PPE.

O2 is a company that offers an outstanding product, one that meets the recommended requirements of health professionals. If you’re an employer looking to purchase more than 50 masks, complete the form below and our team can work with you on a quote.

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