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The O2 Story

The O2 Story

our inspiration, our history, and our purpose.

It all started with a few friends on a trip to China, where our co-founders Peter Whitby and Rich Szasz experienced air pollution for the first time, and were shocked to learn how many people breathe polluted air daily. To make things worse, these people lacked proper protection. When returning to Canada, they questioned why clean air wasn’t a basic human right available to everyone and set out on a mission to make it so.  

What started as a jacket with a built-in mask (stitched by Peter himself) eventually became the O2 Curve - the first premium respirator of its kind launched in 2017. Since then, O2 been bringing solutions to the respiratory market in the military, medical, and sport verticals, building cutting edge, custom designed respirators for specific use cases.


Mission and Offering

O2 Industries is on a mission to realize a new and better world for air quality and breathing…

The average human breathes approximately 11,00 litres of air and takes 20,000 breathes each day, but the quality of the air remains an afterthought. 5.9B people in the world breathe air that is polluted, but the problem continues to be treated as niche issue.

With the vast majority of air pollution stemming from human activity, we have all unwittingly turned the air into the biggest environmental health risk, and in turn have seen detrimental impacts to our own long and short term health.

At O2, we are tackling this global challenge and developing innovative respiratory technologies that help us adapt to the current air pollution realty as we work towards solving it.


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