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O2 Curve Filters - 5 Pack

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The O2 Curve Electrostatic Filters (formerly known as O2 Commuter Filters) are a 5 pack bundle of individually sealed filters. Filters are charged with pockets of both negative and positive ions, which attract, trap and neutralize small particles. The Electrostatic Filters provide effective respiratory protection with efficient particulate filtration.

Key Benefits
  • Provides protection from airborne particles like dust, mold, viruses, bacteria, and allergens
  • Traps mechanical pollutants found in pollution and exhaust particles
  • Neutralizes organic pollution from wildfires, tornadoes, and dust storms

Breathe Deeper

Our new O2 Max Air Filters are 3x more breathable than our regular O2 Curve Filters.

Note: The filter goes inside the O2 Curve Respirator and needs to be changed at regular intervals depending on usage.
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